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Getting to know Japan and Japanese culture can be unique and horizon broadening experience.
Traditional Japanese Architecture


We invite you to join us in exploring Japan and sincerely hope that you love it as much as we do!

Welcome to JapanMyLove.com, a comprehensive and resourceful website about Japan delivered directly from Tokyo. If you are learning Japanese language and looking for free Japanese lessons on study of Japanese symbols – kanji, or searching for information in order to make your travel safe,

Facts About Japan

Facts About Japan

exciting and unforgettable, have interest in Japanese culture, history, food, latest technological gizmos, architecture and other subjects related to Japan – this website is for you.
Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture

Below is a brief description of what you can discover while exploring this website.

  • Facts about Japan
  • History of Japan
  • Japanese Culture, and a closer look into it’s numerous aspects
  • Traditional Japanese Proverbs, Japanese Sayings, Japanese Quotes
  • A look into contemporary Japanese Society.
  • Japan Society


  • Japanese Economy, Industries, Technology and latest Japanese Gizmos (Vocaloid and other)
  • Japan Travel

    Japan Travel

  • Japanese Architecture, Japanese Interior Design and Japanese Garden
  • Secrets on how to make your Travel to Japan most enjoyable experience to your personal taste
  • About Traditional Japanese Food and Japanese Recipes
  • Map of Japan and maps useful within Japan
  • Best ways to learn and master Japanese Language
  • and more!

Japanese Food


Japanese Language


Learn Japanese Kanji starting from those used most frequently. Watch example in our video above. See Japanese Kanji organized by Frequency of use here!

Japan as seen by a traveler:
“What is Japan like? In The islands of Rising Sun I saw a strive for excellence, impressive work ethics, quality and precision. Efficiency, well applied technology combined together with ancient but still useful methods of doing things (anything that actually works?!) I saw crowds of busy but calm and spontaneously self-organizing people in streets and metro, dressed in undersized suits of meager colors, which at first felt elusive and unfamiliar, and yet irresistibly inviting to look deeper, closer… (who knew those were the colors I would eventually come to favor so much later on). Japanese people were unbelievably accommodating, and Japan felt so amazingly safe.

I saw a macho looking Japanese man… putting on a flowery apron and white towel on his head, and working hard on such peaceful things like thoroughly cleaning the street in the morning till it shines in front of his little Japanese restaurant, and then cooking for his guests with rare diligence, showing outstanding customer service.
I saw a couple entering the restaurant and Japanese woman holding the door open for her gentleman to enter first, letting him take the best seat, and helping him to remove the coat… now that was bewildering; but that tiny woman looked internally strong, capable and attractive in her role.

I came to Japan, and my life was never same. I felt sad when leaving, nostalgic when listening to authentic Japanese music tracks of astonishingly superb sound quality, looking at Japanese book which read from back to front, with lines going top to bottom and right to left! I felt my heart tingle with excitement when I realized I had an opportunity to go to Japan again, and eventually stay.” -by Houshin (豊心).

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